Gaia Virtual On and Gaia

Today, I am testing Gaia and Gaia “ Virtual On” , a unique color from Gaia. Although the price of “Virtual on” is slightly expensive, it is hard to mix colors to get Gaia “Virtual On” color.  Gaia “ Virtual On” has also many bright colors as if it is mixed fluorescent colors.

Ga 16

Gaia GA 16 has a slightly darker pink and it is good for model kitt  Qubeley, Strike Rouge, Infinite Justice Gundam,Ryusei-go (Graze Custom II), Clanche, AMX-003  and Gaza C

In the future I will try to add a little orange to produce red for Kitt character, please wait for the future review


Sample of comparision GA  16 and Gaia VO 24.  I will compare mr color pink in the future.

ga vo 27

Gaia Vo 27 Homura Azuki, has a unique color like Azuki or red bean. It is recommended for kitt: Zaku II Char, Gelgoog Char, Justice Gundam, Throne Drei Gundam, Amida’s Hyakuren , Qubeley, AMX-003 Gaza C,  and Zaku Lunamaria Hawke


Ga Vo 05 Fresh mint Green has a fresh unique blue color

ga vo 22

GA Vo 22 Moegi Green. This color is good for Vent Saviour Gundam, Bearguy F,  and Adele ,Carta’s Graze Ritter from i G-Tekketsu series
This  green has slightly fluorescent which is good for censor color. Because of that I also recommend to use this color for  Meteor Hopper and Shaldoll Custom


Gaia GA  18 emerald green has a calm green and good for Gadessa, Gundam Portent, and Forbidden Gundam


Comparison of GA 18 emerland green and GA Vo 22 Moegi Green . I will add more similar green color in the future

For Summary, These are the test colors I did on this review.


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