Mr color Acrysion


This is the result of Mr color N3 Red after two layers. First carefully paint horizontally and add vertical paint after the first layer is dried. Unlike the other Mr Hobby/ Tamiya/ Gaia, Mr color Acryson do not need thinner and you can use directly from the bottle.

In most of the case, I brush the edge of the object first to even out the paint.  However Accidentally I brush the whole things and result is pretty surprising.  The paint result came out smooth like using airbrush.  I think Mr color Acrysion is a good paint for beginner in brushing.


This is the result of Tamiya Acrylic X7 red after two layers in the same technique like previous picture ( two layers without thinner and directly from bottle)

I think Tamiya X7 is harder than N3.  The surface is not very smooth and you need to wait until it completely dried to add the second layer.  On the N3 experiment I did not wait till it completely dried. Tamiya X7 is not very forgiving compare to N3.  The paint will damage if you add the second layer and you will get cracks when it is dried, if the first layer is half dried

Comparision of MR color Acryson N3 and Tamiya Acrylic X7



Sample of Mr color Acryson with brush.  I did not wait till it completely dried to put second layer but the result is a smooth surfacer


Result of Mr color Acrysion and I will add the gold part soon


This is Mr color Acryson N9 gold.  It has to be brush 2 layers with a paint directly from the bottle those has been mixed a little longer to get this gold.  The color is similar with GA  122 starbright gold. If you add clear orange  on the N9 , it will become GA  122.


The result of N1 white.  After trial and error these are my conclusion on Mr color Acryson series:

  1. It has the strongest white color that I have ever met. Only 2 or 3 layers of white to make black color to be white as addition of 4 or 5 layer to smooth the color
  2. N11 is a little thin compare to N1. To get white flat I recommended to flat the N1 or N11 in the final paint after N1
  3. You need 10-20 minute to dry the color completely in order to get smooth paint without brush mark. You will need this particulary when you want to change dark color to white
  4. If the paint is too thick and you want to smooth it, you can sand paper it with wet sand paper number 1500 according to Indonesian standard ( or the softest one you can find)
  5. I recommended to paint the wide edges first for any bevel surface and use smaller brush for the the smaller brush for those part those are hard to be reach by bigger brush
  6. if dried completely , you can brush acrysion thinner without damaging the last acryson layer.
  7. Hobby brush is highly recommended to avoid bubbles on the surface
  8. The acrysion white is very strong and it can brush detail on any surface particulary the black one


This is the sample of Acrysion N2 black.  The first layer will give you result of perfect cover and gloss like air brush.  For second layer it is recommended to wait 15 minutes but 25 minute wait is a must to be completely dry.


This is a test of Tamiya Acrylic X11 chrome silver as second layer .  The first layer is black gloss.  Personally I do not like the result.  Tamiya Acylic x11 have course particles those create uneven refection so that the surface look matt


This is a test on Mr color Acrysion N8 Silver as second layer.  I am using the same  black gloss layer as the test on Tamiya acrylic X11 chrome silver as second layer. The result of N8 has better silver than X11 but can not compete with the silver in GA  121 using airbrush. N8 as smaller silver particles but you can see them with your eyes. Those silver particles give a better reflection so that you can see its metallic color


Comparison of Mr color N8 and Tamiya Acrylic X11

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