Today I feel soo blue

Mr color C5  Blue is a common blue for Gundam
This sample is using SF283 Base white 1000 as surfacer. If you want to have darker blue, you can use sf 284 Mr surface 1000

mr color

mr color

Mr color C34 Sky Blue is a bright blue and recommended for  :

– Sword Strike Gundam
– Gundam G-Self
– Brave Commander Test Type
– Gundam X Maoh
– Carta’s Graze Ritter
– EWAC Zack
– Prototype Gouf [Tactical Demonstrator]
– Zaku II + Big Gun Set Thunderbolt Ver.

I am highly recommended to use SF283 Base white 1000 or GS2 Surfacer white for primer

mr color

C328 Blue FS1505. Another name for it is “Blue Angel” and it is a common color for airlines model kitt. Its dark blue is also compatible for Kit Gundam RX79 Gundam


Mr color C74 Air Superiotity Blue is a pastel blue color and also common used for airline model kitt.  I also recommend this blue for Gundam :

– RGM-79 GM
– RGC-83 GM Cannon II,
– RGM-79N GM Custom
– RX-160S Byarlant Custom

My sample is using SF283 Base white 1000 for surfacer


69 Mr color C72 Intermediate blue is a color for airline model kitt with code FS 35164.and can be use for Gundam :

RB-79 Ball ~ Shark Mouth type
Delta PlusDuel Gundam Assault Shroud
MSF-007 Gundam M-III
Schuzrum Galluss
Psycho Gundam
EMS-10 Zudah
Dreissen [Unicorn Ver.]
Base Jabber [Unicorn Ver.]
Byarlant Custom
GM Sniper II
Doven Wolf [Unicorn Ver.]
Strike Freedom Gundam (Xiphias Railcannon)
Freedom Gundam (Xiphias Railcannon)
Hail Buster Gundam
Zaku Warrior + Gunner & Blaze Wizard
Mobile Ginn
Miss Sazabi
Lightning Gundam

All Blues together.




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