Discussion on Red color


Mr color C3

First sample is a direct paint of C3. The C3 become dark red similar to C81 or C327. If you look at the C3  bottle‘s paint cover, the direct paint is darker. This make C3 is a good color for the dark red in MG Sazabi and Epyon.


Mr surfacer 1000

Second sample is  Mr color  SF284 – SURFACER 1000


Mr base white

Third experiment is Mr color SF283 – BASE WHITE mixed with C3 red with ration of Base white more than 50% in order to safe time. If you want to have bright color, in this sample I pick red, from dark color part, you need minimal 3 layers of base white to get it. Then you need to another 2 or 3 layers of red to make it red. With one or two layer of pink base, the dark part can change into grey in no time and you will only need to put 2 or 3 layer of red to produce red.


all together

This is the sample of the result, the left one is using Mr surface which is slightly darker compare to the right one , which is using the technique on previous picture – the  base white and the red C3.  I have to apologize for my poor camera that can not capture perfectly the differences. If you saw it directly , it will be different. From this experiment, I recommended not to use gray primer for bright color because you will get slightly darker color.  You will see the big differences between the use of surfacers if you use C79.


Extra: the comparison of C3, C68 and C79


C3 and C68 has similar color and is compatible for painting Sazabi, Sinanju and God Gundam. C79 is compatible for the Sword Impulse, Build Burning Gundam and Zaku J. Ridden

Thanks and see you on next tutorial.  You can contact me or post for further question